Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Free Parenting and Relationship Books!

Don't we all LOVE books?!? Richard and Linda Eyre are offering many of their books online for free... that's right, FREE! Isn't that wonderful??? They have a large collection of Parenting and Relationship books available.

To view and read their books, you can go to www.eyresfreebooks.com
The article below was published in Desert News in February. It is all about the Eyre's and this wonderful offer. Enjoy!!

Authors Richard and Linda Eyre post best-selling books for free online
by Sarah Sanders Petersen

       Best-selling authors Richard and Linda Eyre have created a website that will house free digital copies of their books for anyone to read.
      "We're at a point in life now, in our 60s, where you start thinking a little different and our feeling is, 'Hey, let's get the books to as many people as possible,'" Richard Eyre said. "So much of the world can't afford to buy a book or maybe they live in a country where they can't get a book, but everybody pretty much now can get the Internet so you're not limited on who can go to a bookstore, or who has enough money."
       Eyre said that because they believe the ideas they offer in their books were never theirs, it only seems right to give them back to anyone who desires the help.
      "We didn't pay anything for the ideas we have," Eyre said. "In fact, we probably got them from other people. It makes sense to say, 'They were free to us, let's make them free to the people who want to read them.' We can do that because books have been really good to us. It just seems like the right thing to do to say, 'Thanks, that was good to us, now we want to give those books to anyone who wants them.'"
      The website, Eyresfreebooks.com, already contains 18 books that can be viewed online for free, including popular titles such as "Teaching Children Joy," "For the Manner of Men," "Life Balance" and more. Eyre explained that their goal is to add at least one book every few months until they have posted all of their published work online. Because of publishing contracts, they have not been able to list all of the books immediately.
      Another option will soon be available for Kindle users as well. The Eyres are currently working to get each of their books available to purchase for $2, rather than the higher current price listings.
Both options will be offered in order to stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities technology has created.
      "I'm an old school guy; I like books. I like to hold them in my hand, I like to feel them, but I've evolved," Eyre said. "Once I got hooked on the Kindle, I became sort of extreme on the other side. Instead of being a guy who drags his feet, I might as well get on the cutting edge — and to me the cutting edge is saying, 'Let's just make them free.'"
      "Teaching Children Joy" was the Eyre's first book published by Random House and truly opened the gate for their future publishing. "What Manner of Men" was written while Richard was serving as an LDS mission president in London. "Life Balance" was written 20 years ago, but Eyre said it is relevant to readers today.
      "It was written at a time when you didn't hear the word balance too much, but now balance is everything," he said.

{Sarah Sanders Petersen is an intern for Deseret News where she writes for Mormon Times and other feature articles. She is a communications major and editing minor from Brigham Young University.}

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Day of School - Water Fight

Last Day of School – Water Fight

It’s finally here; the last day of school.  Kids are ready.  I’m ready.  Now we wait to begin the traditional celebration.   A family water fight. 

My husband and I pick just the right hiding spot in the front yard and await their arrival.  Our buckets are filled with water and balloons are ready to launch.  Flip top water bottles and filled water balloons hide in the yard ready for the kids to find.  In the distance we hear laughter and see the first of many excited children heading for home; arms full of treasures from the last day.  Friends become “watchmen” and signal when our children are within sight.  They watch with anticipation and begin offering cries of warning as we hoist our “weapons” for attack.

Our kids are home!  Eyes widen just as the first stream of cold water hits.  School treasures are safely tucked away in the corner of the yard and they’re off; screaming, yelling, and defenseless!  We laugh and declare victory until they find the hidden stash.  Balloons begin to fly and the water hose turns on.  The tide has turned.  Four against two—we are all soaked and the kids declare victory.  It’s summertime!

Each year the strategy of attack varies, but the end result is always the same.  As our kids have grown, so has their creativity and resourcefulness.  My personal favorite was when they recruited another family to join the fun. They made arrangements for a ride home on an alternate route and snuck into our backyard to attack us from behind.  Victory was all theirs!

How does your family welcome summer?  We’d love to hear.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Boredom Busters Project Kits

“What’s there to do?  I’m bored, Mom!”  Well, let’s just do a little family activity/craft/game. Sound fun?  Now, all I need to do is grab a few things and……… 15 minutes later someone (including Mom) is either frustrated, crying, fighting, or has completely lost interest in the proposed “activity!”  
If you’ve always wanted to have fun and quick activities at your fingertips that don’t take a lot of time and organization, then this is the project for you.  With a little effort, creativity (Pinterest is a great resource), and planning, you can end up with a wonderful variety of “PROJECT KITS” for you and your kids to enjoy.
Here’s What You Do:
1.  Gather your children together and find out what types of activities and projects they would like to do. This could include making a homemade puzzle from a family picture, a treasure map of your neighborhood park with a real treasure to find, a video scavenger hunt or coloring kits of their favorite super hero.  These could be baking kits, science projects, crafts, storytelling activities, indoor or outdoor games, anything!!  Your activities can be simple or elaborate…it’s up to you.  Discovering what they are interested in is the key to their collaboration and participation!!   

2.  Break down each kit into specific details as to what is needed for that project or event to be completed.  Also, identify the age appropriateness for each kit.  Make sure there are plenty of kits for your divided age groups (i.e. 2-4; 4-6; 7-11, 12 & up) as well as whole family kits.

3.  Stock a Basic Supply Kit to include the following items:  glue, paint, paintbrushes, markers, crayons, permanent marker, and scissors.

4.  Plan, Purchase, Divide and Package. Each activity kit should contain an instruction sheet with specific directions and/or a photo.  Please remember, no one wants to spend time running around the house trying to gather materials and get organized. Include ALL materials needed to complete the activity. Gallon Ziploc bags work great and are easy to store.    If there are any items, like a kitchen bowl or hammer that every household has “at their fingertips” then list and highlight those items on the front instruction sheet.  Please keep these items to a minimum.

5.  CONTACT some of your friends who have kids and do your Project Kits together. That way each mom selects one Activity per Participating Child (if you are receiving kits for 3 kids, you select 3 activities).  Please label the kits using each family’s last name. Each mom needs to make enough kits for every kid (i.e. 24 kids involved, 24 kits of each activity)

6.  Come and Swap Kits
Each mom should bring a laundry basket or box to carry your kits home.

Now you have some fun activities ready to go when you're kids are bored or need something fun to do! Enjoy!!